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Открытый урок-проект в 9-м классе с использованием компьютерных презентаций по теме Будущее. Выбор профессии

Автор(ы): Кошкина Людмила Вячеславовна, учитель английского языка

1) The topic of the lesson is – The Future. At first, I’d like you to say some words about your future everyday life. How do you think, if the life will be easier or more difficult?
1 group: Health. – Will we live longer?
What about pollution?
2 group: Will we have more free time?
How will we spend it?
3 group: Shopping. – Will there be more choice?
Will we shop on the Internet?
Учащиеся высказываются в группах, отвечая на заданные им вопросы.
SB p.102
Look at the pictures & say, which of these things you use every day & which of them you never use, & if you will use them in future or won’t
ТСО. Учащиеся слушают кассету и отмечают те предметы, об исполнении которых они слышат.
Ответы: motor car, Apollo spaceship, satellite, washing machine, flat-screen TV, bed, toilet-seat.
Отвечают на вопросы:
1. Which object will talk to satellites so that we do not get lost (cars)
2. Which object will be programmed with your personal details, so that advertises will direct advertisements to you? (TV)
3. Which object will monitor your health? (bed)
4. Which object will be able to change its shape? (toilet seat)
3) Improve your grammar
We use Future Perfect – will+have+V3 (ed) for the action, that will be complete on, or before, a certain date or time in the future. It is normally used with time expressions like by then, by the end of the century, by the year 2010, by 8 o’clock, etc.
Карточка № 1
Complete these sentences with the future perfect form of the verbs below:
Develop build perfect introduce finish
1. By the end of the century, this village______ into a small town
2. By the end of this year, the transport authorities ____ a ban on smoking in buses & taxis
3. They ____ houses on this land by the end of the century.
4. Come & see me at ten. I _____ my homework by then
5. When he has been in England for ten years, he ____ his
Карточка № 2
Answer the questions, using will (+have + V3 (Ed))

1. A woman smokes 40 cigarettes a day. How many will she have smoked this time next year? She will ___________
2. Approximately how much money will she have spent? She ill ________
3. A man saves 5 pounds a week. How much will he have saved in a year’s time? He will _______
4. What will you have achieved by the age of 30? By the age of 30, I will ________
4. SB p.103 Ex.6
Look at the pictures. You can see 4 photos of the houses.
Will you describe the houses?
What do you like and dislike about each house?
Do you think, we will be living in houses like these ones?
Would you like to live in them?
(Students’ answers)
Some people are visiting an exhibition of houses of the future.
Listen to some dialogues. There will be 3 extracts.
Try to guess which is speaking in each extract and why.
1). A couple who are recently or about to get married;
2). Mother and son (mother and son);
3). Estate agent and clients;
4). Teacher and student.
The 1st group introduce their project
My future house

Design a house
Where will you live?
What rooms will you have?
What appliances will there be?
What colors will there be?
5. How do you think, what will your future life consist of?
My education
My own life
My husband (wife) and my children
My private life
My carrier
My work
Let’s speak about your future work.
(Учащимся раздаются листы с буквами алфавита, они должны написать профессии, начинающиеся с этих букв)
Actor, bank-worker, computer worker, clerk, dentist, draftsman (чертёжник), engineer, farmer, geologist, housewife, iron-worker, joker, kidnapper, librarian, linguist, mechanic, manager, nurse, optometrist, painter, qualified specialist, queen, repair man, salesman, secretary teacher, translator unemployed, usher (билетёр), veterinarian, writer, x-rays doctor, young worker, zoologist.
And now, let’s say, what character qualities you should have in order to be successful in your jobs.
Adaptable –умеющий приспосабливаться
Bright – яркий, умный
Creative – криативный, творческий
Careful – заботливый
Enthusiastic – энтузиазм
Hard-working – трудолюбивый
Practical – практичный
Punctual – пунктуальный
Sensible – Разумный
Responsible –ответственный
Organized – организованный
Polite – вежливый
Serious-minded – серьёзный
Tactful – тактичный
Confident – уверенный
Cooperative – готовый сотрудничать
3 cards for the groups:
1. Describe a job you would not like to do, giving reasons, why you would not want to do it.
2. Talk about the job, you wanted to do, when you were younger. Say why you wanted to do it then. If you don’t want to do it now, explain, why not.
3. There are many jobs in which knowledge of English is essential or desirable. Name some of these jobs & say why English is important for them.
На доске 2 картинки.
1. Describe & compare the places in both pictures. What do you think usually happens in these places.
2. Describe & compare the people in both pictures. What do you think, they might be saying to each other.
3. What are some of the questions that are usually asked in almost every interview?
Одна из групп представляет вопросы для интервью при приёме на работу.
1. What kind of job would you like to do?
2. What skills do you have for the job you have chosen?
3. Are you ready to work hard to make a career?
4. What are your parents attitude towards your choice?
5. Would you like to be rich of famous?
6. ...

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